April 10, 2014
Man of Steel - Why didn’t Clark Kent save his father from the tornado?

Source - www.comicbookmovie.com 

This is the scene that has unequivocally divided fans down the middle and has even prompted some diehard Superman supporters to admit that it was stupid and nonsensical which I find really disappointing, personally I think it was one of the most poignant scenes from a comic book movie in recent years. 

People will inevitably bring up Jonathan’s death by heart attack in the original Superman movie as the perfect example of how to deal with the situation of mortality when it comes to Superman but there is really no specific way Jonathan should die, both of Clark’s parents died of undisclosed causes when Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster first wrote his back story, they left it totally ambiguous so any interpretation is just as legitimate as any other. 

Let’s just establish what purpose Jonathan’s death scene in Superman The Movie served, that Superman was based on the silver age Superman, the strongest Superman that’s ever existed, he was practically an omnipotent and omnipresent God capable of doing anything and everything without even breaking a sweat, so it was important that Jonathan’s death scene in Superman The Movie demonstrated that even Superman couldn’t fix everything, it was important to show both him and us that he was not a God, his powers had limits. 

Everyone knows that David Goyer likes to write in themes, Batman Begins (Fear), The Dark Knight (Chaos), The Dark Knight Rises (Pain) and the Man of Steel (Sacrifice) so keep that in mind, it’s important to understanding what purpose Jonathan’s death scene served in the Man of Steel. 

When Jonathan was talking to a young Clark Kent about saving those kids in the bus, he said, 

"There’s more at stake here than just our lives Clark and the lives of those around us." 

Retrospectively, this was clearly foreshadowing the tornado scene which would drive the entire narrative of the movie forward, Jonathan sacrificed himself for Clark and if you want to know what Jonathan was so afraid of, just watch Flashpoint Paradox, his fears were justified, Clark was still too young, too malleable, too inexperienced, too impulsive and too clueless to survive the weight of the world on his shoulders and Jonathan knew it, Clark was still just a boy at heart. 

Now, remember what I said about how Jonathan’s death scene in Superman The Movie helped demonstrate the limits of Superman’s powers, this was especially important because that silver age version of Superman could sneeze away entire solar systems, manhandle planets and smash through dimensions but Superman in the Man of Steel was considerably less powerful so the same approach wasn’t as necessary as it was in Superman The Movie. 

In the context of the Man of Steel, Jonathan’s death scene is all about sacrifice, not only Jonathan’s sacrifice but it was also setting up Clark’s sacrifice later on in the movie, learning limitations to his powers mattered little in the Man of Steel because he wasn’t so incredibly overpowered to begin with but to learn about sacrifice was paramount for the narrative and development of Superman. Clark sacrificed himself, at least according to Jonathan, for the Earth and in the end he sacrificed Krypton and the future of his own kin, for us, for Earth. 

The fact that Clark could had done A, B and C in the tornado scene is what made that scene so strong, It was a conscious decision by Jonathan and it was not a fluke of destiny ie a heart attack, basically it made the man of steel who he is and who he will become, Earth’s greatest champion, because let’s face it, when Clark finally becomes Superman he sacrifices himself for us 100% and I think Jonathan gave him the courage to do that, Jonathan taught Clark his most defining lesson through his own death and I think that’s rather poetic. 

Clark sacrificing himself for the safety of Earth when Zod first shows up demanding Kal El present himself or else, Superman destroying the world engine on what was very likely a suicide mission, Superman destroying the scout ship, the genesis chamber which was Krypton’s only chance at living again and Superman ultimately killing Zod, the last of his brethren, it was all about sacrifice, that’s what Jonathan’s death taught Clark, selflessness in the face of insurmountable odds which is the absolute epitome of Superman and what he represents. 

Jonathan’s death scene was the underlying pulse of the entire movie, Sacrifice is what the Man of Steel was all about, Superman sacrificing himself, his people and Krypton for us, the ungrateful humans, now that’s some powerful storytelling. 

Jonathan taught Clark his greatest, most valuable and most painful lesson through his own death, whether Jonathan realized it at the time or not simply doesn’t matter, both death scenes were very well done, they were both set up to illustrate two very different narrative structures that would indelibly shape the last son of Krypton into our hero. 

March 9, 2014
Cos he’s Batman!

Cos he’s Batman!

March 8, 2014
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
normal people: spring break
me: winter soldier
March 7, 2014
Sherlock’s Violin
Featuring the unsung motivation of Sherlock Holmes - The Violin

Sherlock’s Violin

Featuring the unsung motivation of Sherlock Holmes - The Violin

March 3, 2014
Leo knows!

Leo knows!

January 2, 2014

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November 12, 2013
True inspiration comes from words written over blurry images.

True inspiration comes from words written over blurry images.

November 11, 2013
How to Review a Film

I woke up to the news that one of my favorite radio shows was on the verge of a halt; not because of insufficient funds or because the radio jockey made the listeners angry. The show was coming to a halt because the radio jockey overused his freedom of expression.

Truth be told, I’m not profusely sobbing over what happened to the poor radio jockey. I’m not here to extend my support to the radio jockey. I am sure he has full of them and can do well without mine. I am here to raise my opinion against the radio jockey and teach him a thing or two about how film reviews should be done.

Critics and Their God Damned Freedom of Expression!

That’s right! I am against the critic. As a matter of fact, I am against all critics who waste their time and effort misleading people into believing a movie is unwatchable.  Instead of thrashing what you hate, you can promote what you love. It makes the planet a better place to be in. Plus, there is something that is downright fundamental to being and surviving in world of media. KISS ASS!

There, I said it. I’m not sure what kind of trouble I might face because I used the word ‘ass’. Oops, I did it again.

In the summer/fall of 2007, a genius filmmaker thought it would be a good idea to entertain the audience with a plot that involved twisted extra marital affairs under the guise of timeless romance. Surprisingly, the content of the movie wasn’t half as disturbing as the review that followed. This particular review was given by a famous film critic in the film industry. He went on to call the movie ‘the most mature film Bollywood has ever made’. Given a choice, I would have titled it ‘Neend ki Goli’. What fascinated me was how the critic pulled off that particular review with a straight face, stating that there should be more movies like this one.

Let’s get straight to the point. There are rules that critics should follow while reviewing a movie.


Always have good things to say about the movie

No matter how torturous your experience is, keep telling yourself that you are paid to give good reviews. Remember the golden rule. NO MOVIE IS BAD.

Always have good things to say about the people in the movie

All the actors we know do a good job. Not once do they tend to annoy you with their bad choice of scripts. Heck, why do you even need a script when you just signed a multi-crore deal?

Always have great things to say about the people who funded the movie.

I’ll make it simple. They are the people with money. So shut the duck up!

Do not mention the name of the movie

It saves a lot of time and lives. Imagine if you did mention the name and mentioned something that would result in a big loss for the film industry! Using the name of the movie is the last thing you’d ever want to do.

Do not mention names of the people associated with the movie

‘This actor’, ‘that actor’, ‘actor with long hair’, ‘bald villain’, ‘glycerine mother’, ‘actress appearing for alcoholic related activities’, ‘actress with an actual effin role’ are a few good ways to describe the people in the movie. Judging by the way the movies are made, I don’t think the scope of actors stretch beyond the mentioned categories.

As long as these guidelines are followed, I don’t think trouble will befall anyone.

At this juncture, you might be probably wondering how the heck one is supposed to review a film with these guidelines. Worry not! You’ll realize how easy it is. Here are a few samples reviews of the movies released in 2013.

The South Indian Damage! err…. Homage (Name changed to avoid legal consequences)

I’ve always been a big fan of ‘this actor’ and ‘that actress’. The South Indian Homage does not disappoint. Not one bit. It is a meaningful entertainer with absolutely zero plot holes. This review is bold enough to declare that the movie is made for an intellectual audience only.

The South Indian Homage is about believing in miracles. For example, no matter how nail biting and strenuous the story gets, ‘that actress’ miraculously gets the time to adorn herself with the freshest of flowers in every scene. The film maker has dedicated this miracle to the South Indian Diaspora.

Kudos to the director for pointing out that Kathakali and Bharatanatyam are one and the same. The ‘semi-bald villain’, an experienced and seasoned actor, has landed himself in one of the best roles ever. Hearsay, ‘that actress’ did her research for five years to fit herself into this role. Her accent is absolutely impeccable and will want you longing for more. The South Indian Homage is fun and full of entertainment. 5 stars out of 5. Go Watch!

That wasn’t so hard, was it? Not once did I cringe while typing. I swear!

Don’t believe me? Here’s another one.

Indian Superhero (Name changed to avoid legal consequences)

India has always been proud of her scientists; especially the ones that look like absolute retards but possess the IQ of two Einsteins put together because an alien who served as a fashion consultant for Lady Gaga caressed the protagonist’s hair and ended up interchanging the brains of the retard and the screenwriter.

Indian Superhero pays its first and foremost respect to the scientist who has finally found out the alien’s secret power (although with the given set of weird expressions that the alien portrays, weed seems to be the conclusive answer). The movie is also a tribute to everyone’s favorite superhero. No really! I watched ads featuring action figures, collectibles and video games based on the movie. And that only means everyone loves the superhero, rite? We hadn’t even finished thanking the director for giving us the prequel and the origin story. Not many filmmakers can think of a story involving a friendly alien and a bunch of kids with a mentally challenged as their deemed leader. The idea was so original that I sometimes wonder why Hollywood has not responded at all.

Coming back to Indian Superhero, the CGI deserves a special mention. The effects are top notch and have already overthrown the likes of The Avengers, Iron Man 3 and even that god-awful movie with a boy and his pet tiger on a boat sailing in the middle of nowhere. From retards to mutants, this movie’s got it all. Spoiler alert! A shape-shifting mutant gets to sing a duet with the superhero. Now, that’s something you’ve never seen before, and probably never will. The best parts of the movie are the surprise elements that come out in the form of songs. And oh boy, the songs! You are made to listen to a bunch of songs you’ve always wanted to hear ever since the promos were out.

Indian Superhero will undoubtedly bag a few Academy Awards in all possible categories. If it doesn’t, you know what we are going to say, don’t you? ‘Our country’s arts and culture has always been overlooked. Now they are ignoring our cinema’…. Yes, that talk exactly.  Oscars or no Oscars, Go watch it anyway! 7 stars out of 5, assuming logic does not work in our cosmos anymore.

Dear film reviewers, that’s how you write a pleasing and non-controversial review. Peace out!

November 7, 2013
"Nostalgia is denial; denial of the painful present."

— Midnight in Paris

July 31, 2013
What is wrong with the world?

Dogs fight with their own kind over a tract of land. Dogs are territorial by nature. It is within their genetic constitution that they assume ownership over a region and aggressively defend it. They tend to pass this trait to the next generation, that will only be loyally followed without any questions raised. Given the limited availability of land, it is only fair to ascertain the number of angry barks is directly proportional to the proliferating population in dogs.

If we replace the word ‘dog’ with its best friend, it pretty much summarizes everything wrong with the world we live in.

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